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El Batol Travel is one of the leading companies in the area of rental services for van, buses and all types of cars, to serve corporate owners, large and medium projects, schools, hospitals, banks and universities in transporting their employees, internal trips and travel, the company has been established specifically to be the first entity of its kind in the field, where the company owns a large fleet of modern and air-conditioned vehicles, a large number and a trainer of professional drivers

The company has been founded after our the big success we’ve earned, by earning the trust of our current customers, which has led to breadth our customer base and thus become important to establish an integrated entity that serves current and prospective customers


And is convinced of the importance of providing the best Service at the lowest cost, the fleet of cars has been increased and the old fleet updated, as well as use of transport experts, so that we should be careful to be at your thought, hoping that the cooperation is common and fruitful

Our Services

Transfer of staff

(Time is money) If you are a company or institution that has a lot of staff and workers, the arrival of staff and workers in the time of work is the beginning of success, where each Accurate delay affecting productivity and course of action, and over the past years we have been an important and major partner of many institutions to relocate their staff, where commitment and accuracy are punctuality, this has led to gaining the confidence of many customers as a result of our time commitment, and our use of sophisticated technology through which we choose the easiest and shortest routes, so we can adhere to the time of arrival, and we also provide GPS devices that can be installed in the car if the client wants to track them all the time .


Providing cars


To pick up a car to move employees and workers is a stressful and costly process, and we have provided you with this difficult task of maintenance, renewal and accidents, all you have to do is pick the right car For your business and your budget as we provide it for you with the driver, at the specified location and date, and in case of any car complaints, the car and driver are changed immediately, taking care of the workplace in the first place

The company has the availability of all kinds of cars are like jeep, Toyota, Hyundai, buses 50, 33, 28,26 passenger, brands of Mercedes, Chevrolet Mitsubishi, Toyota Custer, Toyota microbus 14 passenger, Chinese microbus 14 passenger, Hyundai H1 11 passenger and any car you need .

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